Tianjin Camel Aerotech Co., Ltd. and Panjin Frey Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. developed the ai


The airport ground-service vehicle management platform is a management system for daily ground service vehicles in an airport,

developed by Panjin Frey Electronic Technology Co., Ltd and Tianjin Camel Aerotech Co., Ltd.. It is used to manage and analyze the

operation and performance of the vehicles based on multiple intellectual technologies like the in-vehicle video surveillance, data

acquisition and intelligent analysis, achieving the optimization of the vehicle allocation efficiency and ensuring the safety of

aircraft, ground-service vehicles and personnel.

The system supports following features:
Real-time data acquisition, front-end display and far-end platform display of ground-service vehicles in an airport;
Acquisition and remote transmission of the vehicle video information, data information and CAN bus data;
Remote commanding and control on the vehicles;
Security alarm management;
Front-end storage and remote transmission of the video information, vehicle data and alarm information;
Real-time information management for the sensors;
GIS data management;
Vehicle efficiency analysis;
Operation practice analysis
Time efficiency statistics;
Personnel efficiency analysis,and
Follow-up of equipment maintenance.

The front-end scheduling screen supports the access to various kinds of information regarding the vehicle operation, real-time

working video, scheduled tasks and commands. In addition, it also can be embedded into the dashboard, displaying all the basic

information of a vehicle instead of the original device.

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